Sidewalk and Driveway Repair

Demolitions, removals, and transportation of concrete include its disposal in a legally authorized site.
4-inch thick concrete slab with resistance of 3500 PSI. Supported on #3 (3/8”) rebar 16” from the center in both directions.
6-inch thick concrete access ramp with 3500 PSI strength. Supported on #4 (1/2”) rebar 16” from the center in both directions.
Installation of wooden formwork to contain concrete.
Installation of treated wood for expansion joints.
Install high-strength Sika brand sealant to protect expansion joints.

Concrete Panel Repair

Concrete high strength (5000 PSI) with a slump of 4 (four) plus/minus 1 (one) inch.
Pavement joint with high-performance sealants. multi-component polyurethane sealant for horizontal expansion joints.
Excavation of 12 inches of base/ subbase/sub grade.
12 inches of cement stabilized sand compacted to 95% modified proctor density in 4-inch lifts.
24 inch long smooth #6 dowel bars 12 inches on center doweled and epoxied into the existing concrete.
Place a double mat of grade 60 #5 bars 12 inches on center each way.
The reinforcing bars install on plastic support chairs that allow for 3 inches of cover to the bottom of the concrete.
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